connection_peopleAt RSNA 2015, Konica Minolta presented a package of customizable tools offered within the Exa PACS/RIS/EHR platform that enable healthcare organizations to derive maximum value by leveraging the facility-specific customization tools. With an innovative design that incorporates some of the most advanced IT tools used in other industries, the Exa platform provides tools including a custom workflow design engine and performance dashboards that enable multi-facility and consolidated health systems to succeed.

“Healthcare experienced unprecedented consolidation in 2015, leaving hospitals and practices to subsequently address varied systems supported by different infrastructures and with different clinical processes, all which can be addressed by the Exa platform,” said David Widmann, president and CEO, Konica Minolta Medical Imaging, the Americas. “Exa is the one platform that can readily accommodate multiple workflows, unique requests for customized data and informational reports, and that is built on innovative infrastructure that is easy to integrate and support, offering healthcare organizations so much more than what they have come to expect.“

Two customizable features of the scalable Exa platform were highlighted during RSNA 2015

Because the order of operations for an imaging study can vary tremendously from facility to facility, the Exa platform was designed to enable each facility to design their own preferred imaging workflow, simply with drag and drop tools. The entire step-by-step process can be customized quickly and easily, with no prior IT or coding experience.

Also, with performance dashboards provided in the Exa platform, facilities can measure what they want, what they need, and in real time. An easy-to-read dashboard provides requested data on everything from daily exam volume, radiologist performance and which referring physicians are ordering the most profitable exams. Administrators and physicians can easily create their own customized reports to efficiently get the data that is relevant for them.

“The biggest advantage of Exa is that it’s way more than a PACS/EHR. It’s a platform,” said Steve Deaton, vice president, Viztek, a Konica Minolta company. “It’s not only capable of so much more than a PACS, but it’s built with the end user in mind to provide efficiencies and to be customizable so that any facility can readily derive the maximum value from their investment.”