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Radiology Products


MRI Shows Promise in Liver Fibrosis Detection

MR elastography (MRE) holds promise for noninvasive liver stiffness monitoring in children and young adults with autoimmune liver disease, with findings indicating strong correlations between MRE liver stiffness measurements and histologic fibrosis scores.

Imaging Equipment


FDA OKs Siemens Healthineers’ Magnetom Terra.X 7T MRI

Siemens Healthineers has gained FDA clearance for the Magnetom Terra.X, a second-generation 7T MRI scanner with upgraded hardware and software, offering improved image quality and supporting various research initiatives, including neurodegenerative disease studies.

Radiology Software


FDA OKs Two Avicenna.AI Medical Imaging Tools

Avicenna.AI’s CINA-iPE and CINA-ASPECTS, cleared by the FDA, utilize advanced AI to swiftly identify pulmonary embolisms and assess stroke severity from routine CT scans, addressing critical diagnostic challenges and offering clinicians enhanced precision in patient care.

Women’s Imaging


Researchers Develop Deep Learning Model to Predict Breast Cancer 

Researchers have developed AsymMirai, an interpretable AI model using mammograms to predict breast cancer risk one to five years in advance by comparing differences in left and right breast tissue, showing similar performance to the complex Mirai model and suggesting bilateral dissimilarity as a potential marker for breast cancer risk.