Royal Philips has debuted the Philips Image Guided Therapy Mobile C-arm System 9000—Zenition 90 Motorized, which is aimed at enhancing surgical care accessibility. This advanced system offers expanded capabilities tailored to meet complex vascular needs and various clinical procedures, including cardiac interventions, pain management, and urology.

The Zenition 90 Motorized C-arm provides surgeons with table-side control and features for increased flexibility and independence. It offers high-quality images suitable for complex procedures, particularly in vascular settings, and enhances clinical efficiency with automated workflows and advanced software solutions.

“During complex procedures, it’s vital to be able to rely on surgical imaging systems. As surgeons navigate their way through challenging vasculature, the priority is to quickly visualize small anatomical details while limiting contrast use and X-ray dose,” says Mark Stoffels, business leader of Philips image-guided therapy systems. “The new Zenition 90 Motorized empowers medical teams to confidently perform a wide range of interventions while achieving the best possible outcome for their patients.”

Results from independent usability studies involving clinicians from Europe and the U.S., who have hands-on experience with the Zenition 90 Motorized in simulated environments, indicate that 100% of users found the Table Side Operator provided complete control over C-arm movements, while 97% stated that workflow features like Automatic Vascular Outlining would help save time during procedures.

Zenition 90 Motorized will be commercially available in the second quarter of 2024.