GE HealthCare has debuted the upgraded LOGIQ ultrasound portfolio, which includes the new LOGIQ Totus. The enhanced LOGIQ portfolio introduces new features and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools tailored to the changing needs of healthcare providers, focusing on streamlined imaging, efficient workflow, and Verisound digital and AI solutions such as reporting, fleet management, and collaboration tools.

There is an increasing global shortage of radiologists, with an estimated 13 radiologists per 100,000 population in Europe and projections of shortages in specialties—including radiology—to range from 10,300 to 35,600 physicians by 2034 in the United States.i,ii These shortages are fueling clinician challenges due to increased demand, leading to higher rates of burnout.  

“At GE HealthCare, we’re focused on driving innovation that enables precision care, and the enhanced LOGIQ portfolio allows us to deliver on this promise with products and solutions that help clinicians optimize care with ease and efficiency,” said Jyoti Gera, General Manager, General Imaging and Primary Care, Ultrasound at GE HealthCare. “The comprehensive portfolio of advanced solutions within the LOGIQ portfolio enhances clinical confidence with its proven features and AI tools to ensure next-level, patient-centered care for a broad spectrum of patients in a variety of clinical settings, as well as address the most pressing challenges and burdens faced by clinicians.” 

To help meet these challenges, the LOGIQ E10 Series and LOGIQ Fortis are now available with new AI-based workflow and decision-support tools for diagnostic-quality imaging and clinical decision making.  The Vscan Air CL handheld ultrasound can also be integrated with these ultrasound systems as a wireless dual-probe with curved and linear transducers for added flexibility. The comprehensive tools accessible with LOGIQ E10 Series and LOGIQ Fortis maintain the ease of operation while providing greater functionality and efficiency. 

The LOGIQ AppAPI for LOGIQ solutions broadens LOGIQ’s capabilities by integrating third-party applications alongside Verisound digital offerings. With LOGIQ AppAPI, GE HealthCare collaborates with third parties to develop applications that can run directly on the LOGIQ system or utilize real-time streaming of ultrasound data alongside it. This technology enhances the functionality of LOGIQ ultrasound systems with added benefits and tools.

PIUR tUS inside’ by PIUR IMAGING is among the first integrated partners of LOGIQ AppAPI. This solution provides clinicians with a tool to diagnose thyroid medical conditions accurately. It automatically segments the thyroid, generates various views, creates 3D renderings, and measures nodules while classifying them according to the American College of Radiology Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System classification. This feature is currently available in European markets that comply with CE marking, with additional regulatory approvals pending.

“We’re at the forefront of accelerating care with next-generation ultrasound solutions harnessing the strength of our products and digital solutions for integrated next-level patient care,” says Karley Yoder, general manager, point of care ultrasound (and digital, and chief digital officer, ultrasound at GE HealthCare. “The latest advances to the LOGIQ portfolio harness the power of artificial intelligence and our handheld wireless ultrasound probes to help make clinicians more efficient and confident in delivering quality care.”