Co-planar Grid Detectors

eV Products (Saxonburg, Pa.) is introducing its CPG
(co-planar grid) detectors in a portable design. The room temperature, large-volume, CdZnTe-based detectors
contain the required electrode geometry and change
collection efficiency to offer the high resolution needed for nuclear spectroscopy. The detectors are available in sizes of 10-by-10-by-5mm3, 10-by-10-by-10mm3 and 15-by-15-by-7.5mm3. The CPG and
electronics are housed in a 31.75mm diameter-by-130mm length detector probe (show at left). For more information, contact eV Products at 724-352-5288, or visit its Web site at


Digital Dosimeter

Capintec Inc. (Ramsey, N.J.) has released its 192X Digital Dosimeter. Features include 2000 R range, 0.001 mR resolution, automatic range indication, multi-probe capability, compensation adjust and electrometer capability. For more information, contact Capintec at 201-825-9500, or visit its Web site at


C-Arm Tables

Biodex Medical (Shirley, N.Y.) is offering four new table designs for surgical C-arm procedures including urology, brachytherapy and pain care. The tables contain a large radiolucent area (59 inches-by-17 inches) and enable simple positioning with motor driven hand and foot controls. All tables contain a four-way XY floating top, lateral roll 15? to either side, and height adjustment. The table shown above is designed for vascular, angiography and cardiac procedures. For more information, contact Biodex at
800-224-6339, or visit its Web site at

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