Summary: GE HealthCare has introduced Caption AI, an AI-powered software for quick cardiac assessments on Vscan Air SL wireless ultrasound, streaming image capture and aiding faster clinical decisions, with added features enhancing scan quality and supporting early detection of cardiac disease.

Key Takeaways:

  1. GE Healthcare launched Caption AI, an AI-driven software for quick cardiac assessments on Vscan Air SL wireless ultrasound.
  2. Caption AI streamlines cardiac image capture with real-time guidance and automatic ejection fraction estimation, aiding faster clinical decisions.
  3. The integration of Caption AI with Vscan Air SL enhances cardiac screening, empowering users with high-quality scans and supporting earlier detection of cardiac disease.


GE HealthCare has launched Caption AI, an artificial intelligence-based software for quick cardiac assessments on Vscan Air SL wireless ultrasound. It offers real-time guidance to clinicians for capturing high-quality images and estimating ejection fraction automatically. The goal is to simplify cardiac image capture, aiding healthcare professionals in faster clinical decision-making, even for non-experts.

Additionally, Caption AI offers real-time visual guidance for probe movements and a quality meter to ensure optimal image capture. The AutoEF feature automatically calculates left ventricular ejection fraction after image capture. Users can also use AutoCapture and Save Best Clip features to efficiently scan and save high-quality images.

Advancing Cardiac Screening

According to GE, Vscan Air SL offers advanced imaging capabilities with its single crystal transducer technology. The integration of Caption AI builds on GE Healthcare’s history in handheld ultrasound, beginning with the introduction of Vscan in 2010, which aimed to make ultrasound care more accessible.

“The integration of Caption AI with the Vscan Air SL handheld ultrasound opens an entirely new chapter for cardiac screening. This technology empowers users with guidance and tools for high quality ultrasound scans and supports earlier detection of cardiac disease,” says Roland Rott, president and CEO of ultrasound at GE HealthCare. “The strategic acquisition of Caption Health in 2023 continues to expand the capabilities of our products and solidifies our leadership in ultrasound and the emerging artificial intelligence landscape.”