RamSoft has launched Progressive Loading in OmegaAI, its cloud-native radiological software on Microsoft Azure. This feature allows radiologists to quickly load large imaging studies via a web browser. Radiologists can start reviewing and interacting with new studies promptly, as the initial images load almost instantly and subsequent images load gradually in the background. 

OmegaAI’s cloud-native RIS/PACS platform swiftly loads 4 tomographic Mammography images in under one second using Progressive Loading, demonstrated on a standard browser and PC with Megabit connectivity. It efficiently delivers the first images of a 3,000-slice CT data set in one second or less over standard internet connectivity without requiring a VPN. An internal validation study conducted by RamSoft confirmed the platform’s effectiveness, with breast tomosynthesis test study images transferred from OmegaAI in the U.S. and manipulated by a radiologist in India within one second using the OmegaAI reader.

“Some radiologists are still skeptical that cloud-native radiology software accessed via a web browser on a standard Internet connection can allow them to review and analyze medical images from multiple modalities with the same ease as traditional on-premises radiology software,” says Siva Ramanathan, PhD, RamSoft’s chief technology officer. 

“OmegaAI was purposely built as a cloud-native platform. Its cloud-native architecture enables innovative software solutions that can load large image data sets much faster than traditional cloud platforms, and faster than on-prem installations. We repeatedly see radiologists react in amazement when they realize that they are looking at large radiology images delivered via a zero-footprint reader in a web browser.”

Helia Mohammadi, PhD, chief artificial intelligence and precision health officer at Microsoft, adds: “The ability to deliver large radiology images quickly and efficiently is not merely a matter of convenience but a critical necessity. It can help reduce workload burdens and enable radiologists to expedite analysis, diagnosis, and treatment, thereby helping to enhance patient care and outcomes with precision and efficacy. RamSoft’s integration of Microsoft Azure to accelerate healthcare innovation is a great example of how technology can be leveraged to improve provider and patient experiences.”

Cloud-native RIS/PACS systems have the advantage of being deployable without local servers or high-performance computing workstations, and without needing a VPN or high-speed networks. Moreover, OmegaAI utilizes Azure services such as Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Blob Storage to ensure strong cybersecurity, HIPAA compliance, and scalability.