Claritas HealthTech—a healthcare technology company specializing in deep-learning and advanced image enhancement—received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its new image processing software.

The Claritas iPET software implements a powerful algorithm-based solution to enhance the quality of PET scans by denoising, sharpening organ boundaries and achieving super-resolution. PET scans can be further improved to provide additional details by using an overlay of an MRI or CT image of the same region.

The iPET enhancement capability can reduce scan times by up to 80% while yielding similar image quality as captured under standard duration.

“While Claritas iPET enhances PET scans captured under standard duration and provides improved visibility of details previously obscured by noise, the degree of enhancement is particularly significant for reduced duration scans and scans using reduced contrast agent,” says Laszlo Neumann, MD, PhD, head of research and development, at Claritas HealthTech. “We are very pleased to receive the FDA 510(k) clearance for Claritas iPET as the software can be used to enhance PET and PET-CT/MRI scans and substantially reduce scan duration times improving patient experience and increasing hospital and imaging centre efficiency.”

Claritas iPET works with all types of radionuclides and can be integrated into existing systems. The provision of adjustable parameters with iPET, enables physicians to calibrate the elements of enhancement as required, while comparing the original, raw scan with the enhanced scan. Hospitals and imaging centers can enhance images from accelerated scans increasing scan throughput and profitability.

Featured image: Image Reconstruction & Enhancement for PET – CT/MRI. Photo: Claritas