LifeVoxel.AI, a San Diego-based medical platform for artificial intelligence (AI) and visualization, announces it has raised a $5 million seed funding. Specifically, LifeVoxel’s technologies provide access to interactive imaging studies and data, with zero latency and zero client footprint, rendering them at 4K image quality. 

Moreover, the platform enables real-time 3D telepresence interactivity for remote patient engagement and the direct integration of AI diagnostic support into daily physician workflows from any web-enabled device. Additionally, the platform stores not just images, but diagnostic annotations and reports, data critical for the ongoing development of AI diagnostic applications. 

Further, LifeVoxel’s HIPAA-compliant SaaS platform, Prescient, enables 4D interactive views of medical images over the Internet and allows physicians to access, analyze, and manipulate imaging studies in real-time, turning any web-enabled device into a radiology workstation.

The National Science Foundation awarded a grant to LifeVoxel.AI for its advancement and adoption of artificial intelligence using GPU for medical imaging. The company’s platform also garnered U.S. FDA 510(k) approval for use in the diagnostic interpretation of medical images and is protected by more than 12 international patents. 

The $5 million seed round was raised from medical and radiology specialists, strategic medical technology investors, and family offices. Sekhar Puli, co-founder, president, and CEO of LifeVoxel.AI, shares, “Medical imaging and radiology needs dynamic solutions to replace the inadequacies in conventional systems. With this round of funding, we will be able to accelerate not only our vision to be the de facto platform for medical imaging applications across the globe but make significant strides in the telehealth imaging and advanced tech-based AI solutions for the future of healthcare.”

Sean Pakbaz, MD, a neuro-interventional surgeon who co-developed the largest stroke treatment program in San Diego and an advisor to LifeVoxel adds, “In stroke care, time to diagnosis and treatment is the most important factor in patient outcomes. From a clinical perspective, LifeVoxel’s patented platform will enable instant engagement with the patient and their data from anywhere, reducing delays in intervention and greatly improving their quality of life after the stroke.”