Peer60 Report - Trends in Medical Imaging Tech  2015 - PREMIUM reportTo prepare for RSNA 2015, Peer60 recently introduced a report titled “Trends in Medical Imaging Technology 2015.”

Highlights from the report included feedback from almost 600 providers across the country, including chiefs of radiology, imaging directors, PACS administrators, IT managers, and executives; open-answer responses to questions such as “What new medical imaging related technologies are you most excited about?” with categories like advances in dose management, breast tomosynthesis, and clinical decision support, as well as which vendors will be used to purchase these new technologies; in-depth data regarding vendor recommendation scores, recommendation scores by title, and why those vendors are the best for imaging needs; and insights from a range of providers, from  5,000-bed hospitals to children’s hospitals to imaging centers.

To download the report, visit peer60.