Co-Activ Medical recently debuted a cloud-based version of its Exam-RIS solution, furthering its commitment to offering flexible solutions that run onsite, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, according to the user’s needs. The company also has launched a diagnostic version of its Exam-Browser, which enables high-fidelity reading capabilities on any high-resolution display, and updated features for its Exam-PACS and VNA systems.

Exam-RIS automatically integrates with CoActiv’s Exam-PACS, as well as the company’s Exam-Browser and VNA storage product portfolio. Features of Exam-RIS include rules-based exam routing, load balancing, and immediate update of multi-site worklists, while the enterprise version provides advanced client and referring physician communications and report distribution features.

The latest version of Exam-PACS offers the ability to update an EMR to enable access to a specific patient exam stored in the PACS, meeting meaningful use requirements. The Exam-Jacket timeline feature provides access to multiple relevant prior exams. The CoActiv VNA now supports diagnostic quality zero-footprint DICOM image viewing, with additional upgrades to address enhanced comparative viewing, greater access to priors, support for a wider range of modalities, and support for mobile devices.

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