The Jackson Clinic, a private practice based in Jackson, Tenn, has partnered with eRad, a subsidiary of RadNet, to implement the company’s image and data management platform to improve productivity. Features include RIS, PACS, and integrated speech recognition solutions, as well as a mammography module.

The first multi-specialty group practice in Tennessee, the Jackson Clinic employs 140 physicians and offers more than 25 specialties and sub-specialties. The practice currently has a study volume of 58,000 per year. Its leaders chose the eRad platform because the system offers tightly integrated components that help save time.

“We wanted it to be very user-friendly for radiologists,” said Libby Faulkner, radiology manager at the Jackson Clinic. “Our aim was to simplify the workflow for radiologists and techs—to make it easier for both.” The RIS and PACS allow radiologists to work seamlessly, while speech recognition software is embedded within the RIS, without the need for an interface with an external third-party system.

Under the new system, priors pull automatically, mammograms can be read on a single workstation, radiologists can use auto-loaded macros and voice navigation for dictation, and patient insurance is preverified. Previously, similar tasks required required manual work-arounds or multiple clicks and logins.

“Large multi-specialty groups like Jackson have always been a good fit for eRAD’s web-based technology,” said Seth Koeppel, eRAD’s senior vice president of sales.  “eRAD’s ability to seamlessly integrate to electronic medical records, which don’t typically support DICOM images, makes our web-based, multi-disciplinary DICOM viewer and browser-based/HTML5 web viewer options very useful.

“Jackson will also achieve tremendous workflow efficiencies by not having to use several disparate systems previously required to read and report cases,” he added. “eRAD’s complete workflow and viewing platform brings this all together in one integrated system that all stakeholders can use.”

For more information, visit eRad.