FDAThe United States Food and Drug Administration has approved Viztek’s Exa PACS, a web-based system that enables zero-footprint viewing for hospitals, imaging centers, and teleradiology groups. With Exa’s zero-footprint technology, users can exercise the system’s full features within a web browser, eliminating the need for additional program installations required by many traditional viewers.

“The major technological innovations of our time—from iPods to smartphones—dramatically redefined the acceptable technology standard, and Exa from Viztek has done that for radiology PACS,” said Steve Deaton, vice president of Viztek. “Making zero footprint technology and server-side rendering a reality for all diagnostic viewing, the Viztek Exa delivers the needed trio of convenience, security, and diagnostic quality that is truly disruptive in radiology.”

The system’s server-side rendering speeds the process of opening large files, allowing physicians to avoid the delays associated with prefetching or auto-routing. Exa enables files to be opened from virtually any location with nearly any level of internet connection, while still offering full diagnostic quality viewing and advanced tools. In a hospital setting, the technology bypasses the need for radiology departments to transfer large data sets, minimizing the impact on the hospital’s IT network.

“Inspired by the best in software design across several industries, Exa was developed to deliver the maximum clinical and technological benefits for both radiology and IT,” said Deaton. “Exa is more than simply an advancement for radiology—it’s a big step forward for healthcare technology and care delivery altogether.”

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