Shimadzu Medical Systems USA has received a license from Health Canada to begin selling the Sonialvision G4 universal digital R/F table system. The system, designed for a range of applications including angiography, endoscopy, video fluoroscopy for gastrointestinal series and swallowing exams, orthopedic exams, and general radiography, is already widely distributed in the United States, Europe, and Asia. It is now available through Christie InnoMed in Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Shimadzu’s authorized distributor in Canada.

Equipped with a 17×17-inch flat panel detector (FPD), the system comes with 139-?m ultra-small pixel pitch and high contrast to maximize the FPD performance. A 202.5-cm movement range enables flexible imaging without requiring patients to be moved. The table can support patients weighing up to 700 pounds, and the edge of the imaging range can be positioned up to 9.5 cm from the table with a 17-inch field of view to facilitate procedures using an optical endoscope.

Digital filtering processes help suppress halation near skin surfaces and around shadows where organs overlap. Optimal digital filtering and extraction of noise components achieve smoother imaging. The system’s Slot Beam functionality is suitable for long spine and limb imaging and offers lower dose for pediatric exams.

For more information, visit Shimadzu.