BRIT Systems, a medical technology company, and its parent company, Imaging Advantage, have introduced a new resource to enable more flexible reading for radiology practices. The Collaborative Radiology Pool (CRP) lets radiologists contribute studies for reading by other credentialed radiologists, or participate in reading studies for other sites where they have been credentialed or approved.

“In today’s healthcare environment, radiologists are faced with declining reimbursement, consolidation, and new payment models that are reshaping the future of radiology services,” said Shelly Fisher, president of BRIT Systems. “CRP offers an array of services—including business modeling, load balancing, and operational efficiencies—and workflow tools derived from our existing remote reading solution, Roentgen WorksFlow. So radiologists can focus on providing reading services, and we hope achieve their professional and lifestyle goals.”

The pool is designed to be used for a range of purposes, including night reading, backup support, specialty reading, or second opinions. Physicians are not required to enter studies in the pool, and there is no monthly participation requirement. The system can also provide additional services, such as service-level tracking, billing, and shared worklist tools for private practices.

For more information, visit BRIT Systems.