New Products for the Imaging Industry

Backlit Keyboard from Saitek

The Eclipse Red keyboard from Saitek Industries Ltd, Torrance, Calif, features a safe, red, backlit mode ideal for radiology reading rooms. Designed for low-light and no-light situations, the keyboard features a dark gray casing; silver, laser-etched keys; a weighted base; and large rubber feet to keep it firmly in place. The keys are cushioned and silent. Bulk rates may be available.

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Colon CAD with NIH Technology from iCAD

A colon CAD product line from iCAD Inc, Nashua, NH, is designed to assist CT colonography examination readings; it will include polyp-detection technology developed and licensed from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIH devised the technology to promote detection of precancerous polyps. iCAD’s colon CAD products, which are under development, will automatically analyze images and identify potential polyps.

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64-Bit Processing for PACS and RIS from Merge

Fusion PACS MX version 2.2 from Merge Healthcare, Milwaukee, features native 64-bit processing, which allows radiologists to overcome computer memory limitations and system-performance issues when viewing, comparing, and manipulating large studies, such as CT, breast MR, and PET/CT. Unlike traditional 32-bit technology, 64-bit processing enables radiologists to load thousands of images.

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Wall-Mounted, Retractable Workstations from Proximity

At HIMSS 2007, Proximity Systems Inc, Houston, introduced the CRM WorkStation as well as wall-mounted, retractable workstations equipped with the Vertical Lift System from Ergotron, St Paul, Minn. The CRM WorkStation features a mechanical arm to adjust the height of the work surface, extend it 4 feet from the base, and swivel it a full 180°. The workstation’s base cabinet holds the CPU, and the retractable work surface, which folds down, accommodates standard LCD monitors. Ergotron’s Vertical Lift System, designed for workstations used by multiple clinicians, features a patented counterbalance system without knobs that adjusts the height of the work surface along a 7- to 8-inch range of motion while maintaining the relative position of the monitor.

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Medical Disc System from Rimage

Rimage Corp, Minneapolis, offers the latest version of its Medical Disc System. Designed to accelerate the disc-authoring process, the system features a new software package, hands-free operation, rapid throughput, and replaceable parts for on-site trouble-shooting and repair. Rimage works with PACS and DICOM software vendors to produce unified systems for the creation of DICOM 3.0 Part 10-compliant discs, which allow providers to view patient information on any Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or Unix computer, regardless of the data source. The Medical Disc System includes an embedded processor and an integrated Everest printer, and it is available in three versions—the MDS 5100, for modality-based patient CD and diagnostic study output; the MDS 5200, for use with large and small PACS installations; and the MDS 5300 with blue laser disc recorders.

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Second Volume of Clinical Case Studies from TeraRecon

Published in mid-February by TeraRecon Inc, San Mateo, Calif, the second volume of Clinical Case Studies in the Third Dimension features articles on 3D imaging (including cardiac and cardiovascular imaging), enterprise-wide volumetric review, surgical planning, pediatric imaging, and breast imaging. The book includes 33 new articles by physicians and imaging professionals, and several articles describe applications of Tera-Recon’s Aquarius technology and iNtuition platform architecture. The first edition of Clinical Case Studies, released in November 2005, included 26 clinical case study articles on 3D imaging applications. Electronic copies of both editions, as well as directions for receiving a complimentary copy, are available on the TeraRecon Web site.

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