April 11, 2007—As of April 1, all sites applying for or renewing facility accreditation from the American College of Radiology (ACR), Reston, Va, are required to implement an ACR-compliant physician peer review program. RadWhere Peer Review, the latest module to the RadWhere speech-reporting solution from Commissure Inc, New York, NY, is one such program.

“RadWhere Peer Review’s value to the process is two-fold,” said Commissure CEO Michael Mardini. “It is fully integrated into the reporting process. Moreover, RadWhere Peer Review’s connectivity to RIS systems allows for automated extraction of modality and patient demographics, including age, gender, classification, etc.”

The program tracks the denomination of cases read by each radiologist, enabling the application to invoke the required peer review process while keeping proper statistics. “Health care facilities and imaging centers alike will be able to reliably determine where their radiologists stand in regard to performance and quality,” Mardini said. “This ability is the basis for ACR’s mandatory peer review process in all of its accreditation programs.”

—Cat Vasko