A new cloud-based universal image viewer and RIS/PACS from MedXT, San Francisco, has received FDA clearance. The mobile solution is designed to improve the flexibility and ease of the point of care environment without requiring major investments in infrastructure, downloads, or additional software.

Images can be viewed via browser on any electronic device. The system’s image sharing network allows outpatient clinics and primary care providers to control image storing and maintenance costs while improving access for patients and community providers. In addition, the system enables routing of complex cases to remote specialists, increasing throughput and improving the quality of patient care.

“Our workflow requires acquiring images and reports from many different sites, as well as documenting and communicating findings to International Association of Cardiology and the American College of Radiology,” said Patrice Thomas, CEO of Certify Labs. “MedXT made it possible for us to upload image data, export DICOM files, and communicate confidently with the people at the facilities via the secure MedXT messaging platform.”

The MedXT platform supports the radiology, ophthalmology, pathology, and cardiology modalities. The system is available in multiple-language interfaces, including English, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Chinese.

“Today’s social-networked patients expect a personalized experience in healthcare, just like in all other aspects of their lives,” said Cody Ebberson, CEO and cofounder at MedXT. “Unfortunately they are expecting this experience from healthcare professionals who are still forced to work with antiquated systems which aren’t Internet-connected, let alone mobile. We are pleased to finally change this and bring the critical field of imaging into the digital age in a powerful but affordable way.”

For more information, visit MedXT.