Maui Medical Group, Maui, Hawaii, has integrated Viztek’s Opal RIS and Opal PACS systems into the facility’s existing EMR and PM solutions, the company has announced. Maui Medical previously maintained separate PACS, RIS, EMR, and PM systems, placing a strain on both IT staff and the practice’s radiologists.

“Choosing Viztek allowed us to implement an integrated system, providing more efficient diagnosis and reporting of patient information between in-house and referring physicians,” said Blan Williams, MD, radiology chairman of Maui Medical. “Our facility has been able to eliminate redundancies that occurred with our previous system and enabled more streamlined and efficient workflow for radiologists, including the use of just one workstation for all reading and reporting.”

Maui Medical performs more than 35,000 exams annually, necessitating reliable software support and product updates for the radiology department.

The integration allows in-house physicians to order imaging studies from within the EMR, improving efficiency and reducing human error due to manual data reentry. Referring physicians can also log in to the system to view radiology images and reports, reducing time spent communicating with staff and shortening turnaround times.

“Viztek’s technology platform allows any healthcare facility to integrate all core software so they can focus more on patient care and less on managing multiple independent software systems,” said Steve Deaton, vice president of Viztek. “With the implementation of the Opal RIS and Opal PACS, the radiologists inside the hospital and the remote referrers outside have more streamlined access to securely review full patient information.”

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