Sirona Medical, a cloud-native radiology workflow software provider, now offers support for SpaceX’s Starlink platform, allowing users to access its high-performance services from virtually anywhere in the world.

Raghu Nyamagoudar, vice president of engineering at Sirona, highlights the challenge of performance in radiology’s transition to the cloud over the past five years, particularly image load times for PACS. He emphasizes that Sirona has now addressed these issues, offering advanced workflow performance to radiologists across the country through Starlink. Soon, this performance will extend to users around the world.

Sirona performance (Using Starlink Business):

  • P90 Time to First Image: 2.3 seconds
  • P90 Speech-to-Text Latency: <500ms

“Reading from the side of a mountain in Colorado with Sirona and Starlink gives me fast imaging load speeds, more accurate speech-to-text, and a more efficient workflow experience than I’ve had with any of the other PACS and reporting systems I’ve used,” said Samir Mehta, MD, Sirona’s head of clinical operations. 

“Any computer, anywhere, any time. Sirona really is changing the way radiologists practice medicine and making it easy for radiologists to practice,” Mehta adds. “Remote reading and system upgrades were previously difficult for IT teams to manage, and with Sirona, are now as simple as logging in through any Chromium browser.”

Since 2018, Sirona Medical has raised almost $100 million to develop cloud-native radiology IT. This approach not only enhances access to AI for radiologists but also allows practices to consolidate their IT systems onto a single universal reading platform, resulting in significant clinical efficiencies.

“Sirona was founded to give every radiologist the tools to provide the best possible care to patients,” says Cameron Andrews, founder and CEO of Sirona. “That means allowing radiologists to read more efficiently, and from anywhere. With Sirona, radiologists in every rural community can experience the same value from Sirona’s novel platform as their metropolitan colleagues. Today, that’s helping our customers expand care to America’s most rural communities, and tomorrow, will help radiologists across the world extend high-quality diagnostic care to patients that today don’t have that access.”

“We couldn’t have bridged radiology’s “cloud performance” gap without rebuilding radiology IT from the ground up as a unified cloud-native platform,” adds Mark Longo, MD, FACS, CTO at Sirona. “This architecture is something novel to radiology and we’re just scratching the surface of the user-facing value this new platform will allow us to build for radiologists and practices. We can’t wait to share more of what we’ve built as part of our public launch on November 13th.”