ConcertAI’s TeraRecon and Avicenna.AI are collaborating to enhance global healthcare coordination through AI. Their goal is to expedite clinical decisions for critical conditions like pulmonary embolism (PE) and aortic dissection (AD) to improve patient care.

Diagnosing and coordinating care for patients facing PE and AD pose significant hurdles. Avicenna.AI has U.S. FDA approval for its algorithms, tailored for PE and both Type A and Type B AD, which will integrate into the Eureka Clinical AI platform. This integration aims to streamline the identification of these conditions, facilitating better coordination among multidisciplinary care teams.

When Eureka Clinical AI detects a PE or AD, it promptly notifies providers on their desktop or mobile devices, providing dynamic imaging and comprehensive patient data. The aortic module also allows access to imaging and workflows for coordinated care of patients with various aortic conditions, including AAA, TAA, rupture, stenosis, transection, and the AD algorithm. Similarly, the PE algorithm is available through the Eureka Clinical AI platform’s PE module.

The integration of AI-powered workflows through the Eureka Clinical AI platform is expected to reduce the time it takes for physicians to diagnose and treat critical conditions, improving treatment decisions across healthcare systems.

With the addition of Avicenna’s PE and AD solutions, along with the existing CINA-iPE on the Eureka Clinical AI platform for the EU, TeraRecon is better equipped to provide enhanced pulmonary and aortic solutions to its global customer base of approximately 1,900 clients.

“We are dedicated to expanding the Eureka Clinical AI ecosystem with impactful AI solutions that support our clinicians and care providers,” says Dan McSweeney, president of TeraRecon. “Avicenna’s solutions play a crucial role in fulfilling this commitment by broadening access to essential triage capabilities through our scalable Eureka Clinical AI platform.”

Avicenna.AI specializes in healthcare AI solutions that use deep learning to quickly identify and quantify life-threatening conditions in CT images. Their technology autonomously detects and prioritizes emergency cases within seconds, assessing their severity and promptly notifying radiologists.

“We are excited to empower TeraRecon users worldwide with our groundbreaking AI-driven solutions for the care coordination of pulmonary embolism and aortic dissection,” says Cyril Di Grandi, CEO of Avicenna.AI. “Our aim is to expedite an optimal medical response within a short timeframe and enhance patient care. We eagerly anticipate extending the benefits of our pulmonary embolism and aortic dissection triage tools to the emergency room and beyond.”

Eureka Clinical AI, part of ConcertAI’s TeraRecon, is a Software-as-a-Service solution for imaging interpretation and clinical decision support. It can integrate third-party AI algorithms, streamlining the management of AI interpretation solutions within PACS. This helps care teams access results quickly, receive mobile alerts, and improve patient care coordination.