Intelerad Medical Systems has released a new optional Assignment Engine module to enhance its IntelePACS and InteleOne solutions. The tool automatically assigns pending cases from across the enterprise to the most suitable radiologist and prioritizes cases within the radiologist’s individual dynamic worklist.

“Intelerad’s Assignment Engine is a game-changing module that optimizes imaging operations by automating case assignment and prioritization,” said Frederic Lachmann, vice president of Clinical Decision Support, Intelerad. “By eliminating the amount of time and guesswork involved with these complex tasks, enterprises are able to experience tremendous gains in terms of both efficiency and patient care.”

The module uses several real-time, customizable variables to assign cases, including reader availability, subspecialty, workload, location, and the relative amount of time and effort required to read the exam. Designed for large hospitals, multi-site providers, and teleradiology enterprises, the system helps maintain balanced workloads and optimizes efficiency and quality care by distributing exams to the most qualified radiologist.

In addition, the tool also reduces downtime by automatically pushing high-priority cases to the top of the physician’s worklist, saving time spent determining which study to read next and reducing turnaround times. Assignment Engine can also provide insight into staffing needs while helping facilities meet service-level agreements and internal benchmarks for key metrics.

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