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Projection Systems from Barco

Barco (Duluth, Ga) has released two medical-grade projection systems: the DICOM Theater Lite and the DICOM Theater Pro-for use in medical review and conferencing environments. The systems have been optimized for PACS viewing, but also can display other sources, including endoscopy, ultrasound, computer data, and moving video sources. DICOM Theater Lite offers high brightness, a native SXGA+ resolution, and a contrast of 2000:1. DICOM Theater Pro bundles an MGP 15 projector, a BarcoMed display controller, and software.

Web: ?www.barco.com
Phone: (678) 475-8000

CR Performance Tool from Cardinal Health

The CR Radchex, new from Cardinal Health Radiation Management Services (Cleveland), measures CR performance. Comprising of an electronic cassette, universal calibration fixture, and software for calibrating and accessing the performance of CR plate readers, and density selector/control systems, the CR Radchex will help professionals comply with standards and support ALARA dose objectives.

Web: ?www.cardinal.com/rms
Phone: (440) 248-9300

Image Enhancement Technology from ContextVision

ContextVision (Toronto) has released GOPView XR-T for customizing digital X-ray image processing. The product offers a visual and intuitive method to achieve high image quality when using the company’s GOPView XR. OEMs can easily adapt to their customers’ requirements for specific image processing as well as offer their customers the ability to customize based on their own optimization capabilities.

Web: ?www.contextvision.com
Phone: (416) 703-9579

Updated PACS from eMed Technologies

Now available from eMed Technologies (Burlington, Mass) is version 2.0 of eMed Matrix, the company’s PACS offering. The new version includes integrated slab MPR capabilities, teaching files, image triangulation, integrated voice dictation, and the ability to create dynamic 3-D key images. Matrix is the first PACS to be built on the Smart Client technology of Microsoft .Net, which combines the power of a PC with the reach of the Internet.

Web: ?www.emed.com
Phone: (866) 363-3669

Shielding for High-Powered Magnets from ETS-Lindgren

Recently, the University of Illinois at Chicago hosted an event to present the latest in MRI technology: a 9.4 Tesla magnet. ETS-Lindgren (St Louis) helped to design and install the shielded room that houses the 57-ton magnet, which is more than 100,000 times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field. To prevent magnetic field leakage, the company used 520 tons of steel plate to shield the room’s walls. To further guard the room, no windows were used; instead, video cameras were installed to monitor patients.

Web: ?www.ets-lindgren.com
Phone: (630) 307-7200

Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer from JNJ Industries

Most hand sanitizers have short effective lives, and gloved hands are awkward and can breed bacteria. To solve this problem, JNJ Industries Inc has developed SafetySmart. The antibacterial lotion sanitizes hands and creates an invisible barrier against germs and contamination that lasts up to 4 hours between applications. SafetySmart forms a polymeric film on the surface of where it is applied, which includes any area of intact, healthy skin. It has been proven in clinical and laboratory tests to be effective in killing 99.99% of bacteria and germs. Enriched with vitamin E, the lotion is hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and free of alcohol and petroleum.

Web: ?www.jnj-industries.com
Phone: (800) 554-9994

Programmable Smart Cameras from Matrox Imaging

Matrox Imaging (Dorval, Quebec) has added three new programmable smart cameras to its Matrox Iris P-Series family. The Iris P300C, Iris P700, and Iris P1200 feature a monochrome CCD sensor and are powered by an ultra?low power Celeron processor from Intel. They run the Windows CE .Net real-time operating system and are programmed using Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++. The cameras feature hardware for image sensing as well as a software application programming interface for image analysis.

Web: ?www.matrox.com/imaging
Phone: (514) 685-2630

X-Ray Meter from Unfors Instruments

The Xi multi-function, intelligent X-ray meter from Unfors Instruments Inc (New Milford, Conn) is a QA device that uses multiple sensors and active compensation to analyze the beam quality to provide accurate and precise measurements. The procedure has removed the energy dependency usually associated with solid-state sensors; no corrections are needed, and all parameters are measured in one exposure. Serial and Bluetooth output of data with radiation and kVp waveforms to any PC or laptop are displayed after each exposure.

Web: ?www.unfors.com
Phone: (866) 4UNFORS