Intelerad has announced a collaboration with OneDX to make available a OneDX Patient CD Upload solution, facilitating faster, more efficient image sharing for IntelePACS customers. The software addition is expected to become available in June 2014.

The solution allows users to upload patient images from a compact disc, modify DICOM headers, and transfer the images to IntelePACS. As a result, staff can ensure imported studies are correctly input into patient records and make the information available to physicians more quickly.

“At Intelerad, we are always looking for ways to improve the user experience,” said Chris Henri, chief technology officer for Intelerad. “By including the OneDX solution in our portfolio, we’re able to provide the user with a streamlined way to import and localize foreign exams that will help them operate more efficiently. This is particularly true for large practices which typically import images from dozens of discs per day and often have staff dedicated to the task.”

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