d03a.jpg (8037 bytes)Viewer Module Luminance Detector from Gigahertz-Optik
Gigahertz-Optik Inc (Newburyport, Mass) has released a modularly designed viewer, the LDM-9810. Its achromatically corrected

50-mm lens aperture objective and focusing feature satisfies the most stringent of requirements for the suppression of stray light and image formation. Users can select 1? or 6? fields of view by a knob located on the back of the device. The measurement spot is visible through an ocular viewfinder with a crosshair targeting aid that makes alignment simple over a usable measurement distance from 0.3 m and beyond. Reflecting surfaces, such as workplace equipment and projection screens, can be measured as well.
www.gigahertz-optik.com • 978-462-1818

d03a.jpg (8037 bytes)Gel and Lotion Warmers from Ideal Products
Ideal Products (Broseley, Mo) has announced a line of warmers for ultrasound gels and lotions that are approved by the Underwriters Laboratory and Canadian Standards Association (UL/CSA). Available in 1- to 4-bottle capacities and housed in a stainless-steel frame, the warmers are shipped with empty dispenser bottles and standard adjustable temperature control.
www.idealproducts.com • 800-321-5490

d03a.jpg (8037 bytes)Neurosurgical Monitoring System from NeuroSystems
NeuroSystems LLC (Boston) has unveiled its first product, the NeuroSystems 1—a multimodality neurosurgical critical-care monitoring system. It has been designed to enable and accelerate two trends. First is the incorporation of multiple parameters into neurotrauma and cerebrovascular disease critical-care monitoring. Second is the consolidation of an assortment of stand-alone monitors into one comprehensive, intelligent bedside display.
www.neurosystemsllc.com • 510-848-5455

d03a.jpg (8037 bytes)Laptop Docking Station from Quest International
Quest International Inc (Irvine, Calif) provides mobility when viewing diagnostic-quality images with the Medical Docking Station (MDS). The product permits a laptop computer to drive one or two external monitors up to 5 megapixels. With a set of monitors at home and a set at his/her facility, a physician can move freely between locations, carrying only a laptop and the MDS. The system interfaces with the internal PCI bus of the laptop computer via the Type II PCMCIA slot; the 32-bit PCI bus is then able to drive a high-resolution video card (included in the MDS) at the full 132 MB per second bandwidth of the PCI bus.
www.questinc.com • 800-231-6777

d03a.jpg (8037 bytes)Simulator Concepts Textbook from the SCCM
The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM of Des Plaines, Ill) has released Simulators in Critical Care and Beyond, one of the first textbooks on concepts and applications in critical care medicine simulator education. Written for educators of critical care physicians, nurses, and paramedical personnel, the book addresses an array of simulation techniques, including simulated patients, mannequin human patient simulators, and task trainers. Simulators in Critical Care and Beyond was written by leading experts and edited by William F. Dunn, MD, associate professor of medicine and director of the Mayo multidisciplinary critical care fellowship at Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minn).
www.sccm.org • 847-827-6888

d03a.jpg (8037 bytes)Centralized Scheduling System from SpectraSoft
SpectraSoft Inc (Tempe, Ariz) links all of a practice’s sites to one centralized scheduling (CS) system with its AppointmentsCS software. Staff members can book a patient to any location using the system, eliminating the need for confirming calls or manual re-entry of appointments. The software can run reports for individual locations or aggregate reports for an entire organization. Other features can verify insurance coverage; export records to a participating billing service; or generate automated appointment reminders via phone, mail, and email.
www.ssoft.com • 480-413-0450

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