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High-Count Imaging System from Digirad

Digirad Corp (Poway, Calif) is aiming for a new era in nuclear cardiac imaging with its Cardius-3 imager. This solid-state nuclear gamma camera with three detectors features high-count imaging statistics and high image quality. The Cardius-3 imager’s detection capability meets industry guidelines for count density at shorter acquisition times when compared to other in-office, small footprint, dual-head systems. Capable of performing a 7-minute stress acquisition study, the camera comes with an upright imaging chair and an acquisition/processing station.

Web: ?www.digirad.com
Phone: (800) 947-6134

Fanless Touch Computer from ELO TouchSystems

Combining a touch monitor with a computer in the space of a touch monitor, Elo TouchSystems Inc (Fremont, Calif) has released the 1525L touch computer. The system includes a three-track magnetic stripe reader, a rear-facing customer display, and the choice of IntelliTouch surface-wave or AccuTouch five-wire resistive touch technologies. The 1525L touch computer is Windows based; applications include loyalty systems, kiosk information systems, Internet access points, and more.

Web: ?www.elotouch.com
Phone: (800) ELO-TOUCH

Image and Video Capturing System from Foresight Imaging

The TIMS DICOM System from Foresight Imaging (Lowell, Mass) now has two configurations to cover all medical modalities: the TIMS 1000 DICOM System for static image capture, and the TIMS 2000 DICOM System for both static and streaming video capture. Both systems allow hospitals to quickly and easily convert their imaging studies to DICOM and have them available for viewing and storage on their PACS. Each TIMS DICOM system is a gateway allowing it to receive as well as send DICOM studies. Configured for multimodalities, the systems have small footprints and come with a 1-year service and maintenance warranty.

Web: ?www.fi-llc.com
Phone: (978) 458-4624

MRI Safety Device from Safety Stop

The founder of Safety Stop Inc (Valparaiso, Ind), Jim Doyles, wants people to stop and think before they enter an MRI room. To help, he developed the Safety Stop Sign, which, at 3 ft 6 inches in diameter, is too large to be ignored. Facilities install the sign in the door jam, and it can be customized to fit most doors. Also, the sign lists some of the objects that are dangerous in the MRI room.

Web: ?www.safetystopinc.com
Phone: (219) 477-1917