Radiologists and technologists looking for cutting-edge research about nuclear medicine should get ready to mosey on to Albuquerque. From January 27 to February 2, the southwest city will be the center for the most innovative and cutting-edge imaging technology available today.

The Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM)’s Conjoint Mid-Winter Meetings will offer the chance for attendees to increase their breadth of knowledge, while earning up to 25 continuing educational credits.

Among the workshop offerings from the American College of Nuclear Medicine (ACNM), the SNM’s Technologist Section, SNM’s Molecular Imaging  Center of Excellence,  and  SNM’s Clinical Trials Workshop will be presentations on PET/CT of the head and neck (including thyroid cancer), chest, and abdomen; the use of molecular imaging  for lung and brain scans; new PET radiopharmaceuticals; new techniques in fusion imaging;  and practical advice about finding a job.

The SNM will also be offering a two-day CT case review workshop that will earn physician participants 16 continuing education credits. Other SNM workshops will include presentations on the use of molecular imaging  for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative  disorders and the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure.

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