Knowledge is not only power, but the path to a career. Responding to its own research showing that technologists are eager to learn about CT, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) has released its complete CT Basics package online.

The 10 interactive modules provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of computed tomography. The modules feature colorful images with easy-to-understand animations that engage participants in the learning process. Topics covered include the fundamentals of CT; equipment and instrumentation; data acquisition, applications, imaging processing and reconstruction; patient safety, imaging quality, and procedures; and sectional anatomy and pathology.

Practicing technologists will earn at least one Category A continuing education credit for each module. Those who successfully finish all of the modules will earn 14 continuing education credits and will receive a diploma of completion from the ASRT.

Three versions of CT Basics are available for download at The professional version is designed for practicing technologists and features a post test that offers CE credits. The student version is designed to provide students with the root-level knowledge they need to acquire before embarking on a CT career. The educator version is licensed for educational or institutional use and contains all 10 CT Basics modules, a test bank of 250 questions, and a library containing more than 1,000 images. The educational version is also available as a two-CD set.


(Source: Press Release)