New Products for the Imaging Industry

SCCT-Compliant Review and Reporting Tools from TeraRecon and Agfa

TeraRecon Inc, San Mateo, Calif, and Agfa HealthCare, Greenville, SC, have released the first cardiac CT review and reporting solution that conforms to Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) published guidelines for cardiac CT interpretation. TeraRecon’s iNtuition? cardiovascular advanced visualization tools, combined with Agfa HealthCare’s IMPAX? cardiovascular imaging and reporting solution, provide physicians with the first cardiac CT image analysis and reporting solution that satisfies the rigorous requirements and many of the optional recommendations set forth within these guidelines. 

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Cat-K FAST Imaging Agent from VisEn Medical

VisEn Medical Inc, Bedford, Mass, has launched its new Cat-K FASTTM imaging agent for measuring and monitoring cathepsin K activity associated with disease progression and therapeutic response in vivo. Cathepsin K expression is a well-known key biomarker and therapeutic target in a range of bone-related diseases, including cancer metastasis to bone, as well as in atherosclerosis. The new Cat-K FAST agent is expected to significantly expand research and enhance drug development in these areas by enabling real-time imaging of Cat-K activity.

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Z.One Ultra SP System from ZONARE

ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc, Mountain View, Calif, is now shipping its new Z.One Ultra SP ultrasound system. The Z.One Ultra SP is designed for point-of-care markets such as emergency medicine, interventional radiology, venous ablation, anesthesiology, and ob/gyn imaging. The Z.One Ultra SP offers superb image quality as well as a simple and intuitive user interface for a wider base of physicians to make quick, confident clinical decisions for all patient types. Clinicians can easily convert the Z.One Ultra SP system from a full-featured, cart-based system into a premium compact system without sacrificing image quality or performance.

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Precision Imaging Technology for the Aplio XG from Toshiba

Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc, Tustin, Calif, has introduced Precision Imaging technology available on the Aplio? XG ultrasound system. Precision Imaging technology acquires ultrasound images with improved clarity and resolution, enabling users to see more clinical detail. As a multiresolution signal processing technology, Precision Imaging not only evaluates images line-by-line, but also includes information from adjacent lines to enhance the amount of information obtained. This ability to capture information from multiple lines improves the definition of the structure, provides more detail, and minimizes noise and clutter. Precision Imaging is available on the new Toshiba Aplio XG ultrasound system.

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MR318 Fiber-optic Rotary Encoder from Micronor

Micronor, Newbury Park, Calif, introduces the MR318 fiber- optic rotary encoder, designed specifically for use as feedback inmotion control systems operating in extreme electromagnetic fields. The sensor’s passive optical design and nonmetallic construction have no effect on MRI or NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) system operation or measurements. The multiturn encoder system offers 360 ppr (1?) resolution and measures both angular position and shaft speed. MRI-related applications include feedback for actuator or motor control, monitoring patient position, or correlating foot pedal position for fMRI diagnostics.

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Web-Based Cardiology PACS from Carestream Health

Carestream Health Inc, Rochester, NY, introduced its new Web-based cardiology PACS that offers a single integrated platform for diagnosis, image review, and reporting for echocardiography, cardiac catheterization, and nuclear cardiology procedures as well as electrocardiogram management. The company’s cardiology PACS allows imaging providers to consolidate isolated cardiac lab systems into a centralized solution to achieve both greater efficiency and lower costs. The Cardiology PACS client also enables productive reading of cardiology data from any on-site or off-site networked PC. Clinicians benefit from convenient and productive review of multiple cardiac studies and results—along with easy access to prior exams.

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