The San Diego Chargers football team has purchased a Carestream DRX-Ascend system at Qualcomm Stadium for use during the 2014 NFL season. Diagnostic imaging workstations have been installed in both home and visiting players’ locker rooms to allow physicians and trainers to quickly review medical images. The company has focused on increasing the profile of its digital x-ray technology in the arena of sports medicine.

“The DRX-Ascend system delivers high-quality x-ray images in seconds, which will help trainers and physicians accurately diagnose and treat injuries or other medical conditions,” said James Collins, the Chargers head athletic trainer. “It also will enable our medical staff to more quickly and accurately determine whether a player can return to the game or if further treatment is necessary.”

Used for x-ray exams in hospital radiology departments, imaging centers, clinics, and specialists’ offices, the DRX-Ascend is equipped with a floor-mounted tube stand and a float-top table that can accommodate up to 650 pounds. The system is designed to simplify weight-bearing, cross-table and tabletop imaging studies. The stand, tables, and accessories can be customized to adapt to budget and workflow needs.

“Our digital imaging systems are being adopted by sports organizations because they offer not only excellent image quality but also immediate image access. Having the ability to accurately assess an athlete’s condition can help prevent further injury,” said Diana L. Nole, president of digital medical solutions, Carestream. “We are also investing in the research and development of new imaging systems for use in sports medicine that will offer additional advantages, particularly for diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries.”

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