A new KLAS report titled “Population Health 2014 Perception: Who Are Providers Betting On?” demonstrates that providers continue to turn to enterprise EMR vendors for population health management tools, despite an onslaught of competitors emerging in the marketplace.

“With so many new vendors and solutions, it is getting increasingly confusing for providers to know which vendors in the population health market can help deliver their needed functionality,” said report author Mark Allphin. “The dream of the one-stop shop that meets all of population health’s needs is not yet a reality, but some providers have told us that they hope their enterprise vendor will eventually be that one-stop shop.

KLAS spoke to 105 providers across the country, who identified more than 69 vendors under consideration to provide future population health management tools. Two thirds of those interviewed said they would begin their next round of purchasing decisions within the next 12 months.

To download the report, visit KLAS.