The neonatal intensive care unit (ICU) at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, NY, has installed a Carestream DRX-Revolution mobile x-ray system with pediatric software. The new system reduces dose by half, and its DRX 2530 C detector can slip inside a neonatal incubator x-ray tray. Crouse Hospital has a 57-bed NICU and receives regional referrals for high-risk neonatal services.

“The ability to lower dose is especially important for pediatric patients due to the harmful effects of radiation on children and also because these very ill babies often require frequent X-ray exams,” said Brad Hellwig, the hospital’s director of radiology.

The pediatric imaging software automatically calibrates itself according to 1 of 7 pediatric body sizes. The noise suppression algorithm has been adjusted to optimize image quality. Built-in reporting functions also allow staff to measure and compare the IEC exposure index and to see reasons for rejected images for each exam performed.

“Physicians also report that being able to view images at the tubehead when they are inserting PICC lines and other devices is especially helpful because they no longer have to leave the bedside to verify correct placement,” adds Beth Wilson, manager of radiology at Crouse Hospital. “This speeds the process and reduces discomfort for these very fragile patients.”

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