Viztek will exhibit its new ViZion + Wireless DR panel for the first time at the upcoming conference of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago. The system’s 14-by-17-inch panel is designed to provide both high quality and ensure durability.

“There is no one-size-fits-all in imaging, and so Viztek continues to expand our product line-up so regardless of patient volume, exam type or budget, we have the solution to meet your needs,” said Joe Cermin, president of Viztek. “The ViZion + Wireless panel is another example of how Viztek continues to truly innovate in the world of imaging. We’ve taken existing gadolinium technology and made it better, so that cost effective can truly mean high quality.”

The system is suitable for both new imaging environments and or for retrofiting existing rooms. It includes a ISO 4090 cassette size that can fit into a standard bucky for efficient adoption and use. Additional features include updated gadolinium (GOS) technology, high durability to sustain falls and water exposure, and an integrated reporting system that notifies administrators when the panel has been dropped with details of the height and time of the fall.

The panel can be paired with either the ViZion or Ultra Acquire workstation software, and is equipped with a built-in router to enable wireless connectivity. For more information, visit Viztek.