Sweetwater Community Hospital, Sweetwater, Tenn, is converting its entire x-ray department to digital with the Konica Minolta wireless Aero DR panel. Konica Minolta partnered with Blue Ridge x-ray, an independent distributor.
The installation includes four Konica Minolta Aero DR panels; two panels will replace existing Xpress CR systems and the other two will be retrofitted to the hospitals portable x-ray units.  The 59-bed hospital currently has three x-ray rooms and a fourth is under construction.
According to Bob Wilkins, Director of Imaging Services at Sweetwater, the hospital¹s focus on the patient and continuity of care were key reasons for converting the entire department at one time. Sweetwater’s radiologists will also benefit with enhanced diagnostic capabilities: they will not have to read both CR and DR patient images, providing consistency in reading and reporting x-ray images.