WorkstationOne Version 1.3

Three Palm Software, Los Gatos, Calif, has released version 1.3 of its mammography reading software, WorkstationOne. The WorkstationOne breast imaging workstation now includes a number of enhanced advanced features. Specifically, the latest release of WorkstationOne adds the ability to store and retrieve user markup in an interchangeable format, and it enables the generation of customizable recall and screening reports that can be sent to a variety of destinations. The technology also features 10-bit grayscale support on suitable display systems and mammography film printing.

The Visible Difference

The full-featured breast imaging workstation can be equipped with various options, including the capability to utilize available modality worklist, general-purpose worklist, and reporting worklist as hints for upcoming studies. With an emphasis on efficient reviewing workflow and expert viewing methodologies, such as Tabar?s systematic viewing masks, WorkstationOne supports IHE integration profiles and the display of CAD markers as well as GSPS graphic annotation. The software product can be installed on an off-the-shelf general-purpose computer with one or two grayscale high resolution monitors and one color monitor.

The Spec Sheet

  1. Runs on Windows with the dotnet framework, 2.0 minimum.
  2. To be used with one color monitor for user navigation and two high-resolution monitors.
  3. Acts as storage SCP for MG for presentation studies, US, MRI, GSPS and Mammography SR reports.
  4. Acts as storage SCU to output GSPS or SC for report or measurements.
  5. Images and SR are pushed to the workstation or retrieved from PACS.
  6. Optimistic storage to local disk based on expected worklist.
  7. Caching to memory during reading cycle using interpretation worklist.
  8. Automatic prefetch of studies.
  9. Single-click navigation.
  10. Customized mammographic-specific reading and hanging protocols for screening and diagnostic study interpretation