MediConnect Global, Salt Lake City, announced that it has purchased personal health record company, PassportMD. MediConnect is a medical records retrieval, scanning and storage services provider known for its web based RapidRetrieve solution.

PassportMD is noted as one of four companies selected in a pilot program that will provide electronic personal health records for Medicare beneficiaries.

“This represents a significant move for us into the personal health records arena," said MediConnect CEO Amy Rees Anderson in a MediConnect press release. “We believe the global availability of health care records wherever and whenever needed empowers patients, improves care, reduces cost and will help make quality health care available for everyone.”

The MediConnect system transfers paper records into a unified, secure electronic format delivered over the Internet, while PassportMD was designed as a secure, personal, and portable online health record system that includes lab results, doctor visits, and other medical records. 

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