Premier MRI/CT, a multi-site outpatient center based in the tricounty area near Detroit, Mich, has improved workflow and patient care using FreedomPACS cloud storage, ImageShare technology, and on-site PACS, FreedomPACS has announced.

The imaging center sees thousands of patients per year and has nearly 500 ordering physicians. Previously, the center relied on physical records and compact discs for storing and sharing x-ray, MRA, CT, and MRI scans.

“FreedomPACS is much easier, less frustrating to outside doctors, and more affordable than the image sharing solutions I used during my 28 years on the hospital side of radiology,” said Gary Wood, director of Premier MRI/CT.

Since adopting the new technology, Premier has digitized radiology studies and medical images, been able to provide 24-hour web access to ordering physicians on PC and mobile platforms, and reduced down times between imaging studies and diagnosis and treatment.

“FreedomPACS also enables us to archive our images across multiple sites—efficiently, inexpensively and with quick access to images regardless of where our doctors might be located. ImageShare is a great benefit as it allows us to connect our external physicians securely so that they can see their patients’ exams,” Wood said.

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