Mach7 Technologies, based in South Burlington, Vt., and Client Outlook, based in Ontario, Canada, have expanded their partnership to focus on  market needs for PACS replacement. Offered through a single contract and single service level agreement, Mach7 and Client Outlook bring an enterprise focus to a traditionally departmental solution.

According to the companies, the traditional single-vendor radiology PACS model that once promised compatibility has been compromised by multisite consolidation, constant emergence of new technology, and increasing need for cost efficiency. Healthcare organizations need an adaptable infrastructure to respond to these trends. However, they are held back by legacy PACS systems that lack the flexibility to expand out of the radiology department and into an enterprise imaging model, which consequently places enormous strain on IT resources and organizational budgets.

Together, Mach7 and Client Outlook are delivering a reconstructed PACS that support the evolution to a true enterprise solution. Their advanced vendor neutral frameworks support interoperability with other technologies enabling healthcare organizations to move beyond the boundaries of the traditional departmental PACS paradigm. With this solution, healthcare organizations have more options to adopt new technologies that empower future growth at a much lower cost of ownership.

Mach7’s data services platform sets the foundation with advanced technology for clinical data aggregation and the management of complex workflows. Client Outlook’s eUnity Smartviewer is the backbone of an integrated enterprise, offering the market’s only zero-footprint viewer that can be used for both enterprise and departmental diagnostic reading. The combined solution delivers a clinically rich PACS built on a scalable framework that connects care teams, specialty applications, and clinical data across enterprises.

“We are excited about this growing partnership. The path to a consolidated enterprise becomes clear with technology that meets organizational requirements for integration and cost savings while delivering clinical value,” says Mike Jackman, CEO of Mach7 Technologies. “The market continues to put our technologies together and we are pleased to closely align with Client Outlook to deliver relevant solutions for today’s enterprise challenges.”

“Healthcare organizations today expect technology to work,”adds Steve Rankin, CEO of Client Outlook Inc. “They should not be held back by outdated systems or reluctantly forced to make choices based on what their PACS can handle, as opposed to what their organization needs. Our expanded partnership with Mach7 allows our two organizations to meet market expectations with innovative solutions that guide these health institutions into the future.”