internet_information_highway_usedElectronic health record (EHR) provider MedInformatix has expanded features and functionality to its radiology information system.

The impetus for many of the new features came from the MedInformatix client base, who have direct access to MedInformatix product and technology teams through active client advisory boards and MICentral, the company’s online community that brings clients together to share input and experiences using their respective practice’s EHR.

Highlights of the newly revised MedInformatix RIS V7.6 include scheduling improvements, a new appointment history button, the ability to conduct ICD-10 searches by billable or all 90,000-plus classification codes, as well as by laterality and encounter terms, expanded EHR decision support tools, and an integrated PDF viewer.

“This is one of the most comprehensive revisions we have made to-date,” said Chris Bruns, head of product development at MedInformatix. “We’ve added more than 50 new features, including EHR usability improvements, scheduling upgrades and new capabilities designed to address ICD-10 contingency planning, to make the MedInformatix RIS more powerful than ever before.”

Pat McGonigle, president of MedInformatix, added, “This revision is a natural progression of our commitment to customer collaboration and continuous product innovation. The goal of MedInformatix is to deliver tomorrow’s EHR technology to our clients today. This revision helps us deliver on that proposition.”