Stereotactic Radiosurgery System from Accuray
Accuray Inc (Sunnyvale, Calif) offers the CyberKnife, a noninvasive, 100% frameless, image-guided radiosurgery system that can ablate tumors and other lesions anywhere in the body without open surgery. Recently proven to provide 0.95-mm total clinical accuracy, the CyberKnife integrates real-time image guidance and robotic delivery of radiation. ? 888-522-3740

 EHR Solution from Axolotl
Axolotl Corp (Tampa, Fla) has released version 7.0 of its Elysium, a community-based electronic health record (EHR) solution. New functionality of Elysium 7.0 includes the ability to record vaccines and toxoids administered to patients, a reengineered database for increased data storage, and configurable search and display options in the master patient index. The solution also provides practice-specific encounter recording forms for physicians who do not dictate their notes. ? 888-AXOLOTL

 Workflow-Enhancing Program from Connect Imaging
Connect Imaging Inc (Honolulu) recently launched StudyManager, a program that interfaces between imaging modalities and PACS solutions to manage the order of imaging studies. The program allows different parts of a study or study series to be matched with appropriate physician orders, which is a key component of the Integrating Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) initiative. StudyManager also allows image studies to be rearranged when the imaging modality sends the images to a PACS in the wrong order. The program works in conjunction with most PACS and automatically performs DICOM modality work-list queries for all studies. ? 808-373-7048

 Industrial Trackballs from ITAC Systems
ITAC Systems Inc (Garland, Tex) offers Mouse-Trak Industrial trackballs for use on Siemens Medical Solutions’ PACS terminals using Sun or Wintel platforms. The trackballs simplify the review of sequenced patient images and help to solve many medical laboratory issues, such as damaged plastic from exposure to isopropyl alcohol wipe downs. ? 800-533-4822

 Ferromagnetic Detection System from Kopp Development
Kopp Development Inc (Jensen Beach, Fla) has introduced Ferralert Entry, a detection system that’s designed to reduce the risk of ferromagnetic objects from becoming projectiles through the attraction of the MR magnet. The system recognizes only materials that are attracted to the magnet while ignoring titanium, aluminum, and brass. The Ferralert Entry is a passive, nonradiating device that can be unobtrusively installed at the entrance to the magnet room. ? 772-225-6932

 Next-Generation Viewbox from Oprax Medical
Oprax Medical International (Murrieta, Calif) offers the Medicanvas, one of the first viewboxes to use TFT-LCD backlight technology. Measuring 2.5 cm, the Medicanvas uses cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) technology, which produces a blue-type light that is more suitable for reading X-ray films. Also, the CCFL flickers at 40,000 times per second compared with the 50 times per second of conventional bulbs. The Medicanvas hangs on a wall, and its external power supply uses 100?250 AC volts input and 12.5 DC volts to operate. ? 866-677-2980

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