U.K.-based connected healthcare specialist Wellbeing Software has partnered with deep learning specialists contextflow to deliver their clinical decision support system to radiologists in the U.K. via Wellbeing Software’s AI Connect Marketplace. 

contextflow develops deep learning-based tools to help improve radiologists’ daily clinical workflows. The company’s core technology is a 3D image-based CDS system called contextflow Search Lung CT, which is designed to help save time while increasing reporting quality and confidence. The software provides quantitative and qualitative image analysis results for 19 lung-specific imaging patterns including nodule detection in chest CTs, providing relevant statistics, reference cases, and differential diagnosis directly in a facility’s PACS.

According to Markus Holzer, CEO and cofounder of contextflow, “Our aim is to empower radiologists to complete their daily workload faster and with higher quality outcomes. Wellbeing Software’s expertise as a workflow and integration specialist will help us give clinicians the tools they need to blend clinical thinking and technological capabilities and create meaningful change to the way the radiologists work.”

Chris Yeowart, general manager of business development at Wellbeing Software, also spoke out about the partnership, commenting: “At Wellbeing, we are always looking for the most innovative companies to partner with. The work that contextflow has done improves the way in which radiologists are able to control their workflow and diagnose patients both quicker and more accurately, and they’re a valuable asset to our AI Connect Marketplace.”

contextflow is the latest AI vendor to join the AI Connect Marketplace, having chosen to integrate their technology through Wellbeing Software’s AI Connect gateway, which allows hospitals to embed their chosen algorithms into their radiology workflow, no matter what radiology information system or PACS they’re running.