A vendor-agnostic platform for hosting clinical AI solutions with the goal of streamlining workflow, reducing physician burnout, and improving clinical outcomes.

Advanced visualization and AI leader TeraRecon, a ConcertAI company, announces that its Eureka Clinical AI platform now provides clinicians with the advanced machine learning technology for reading and analysis of lumbar spine MR scans through the addition of CoLumbo to the platform.

The CoLumbo solution uses deep-learning algorithms to provide information on suspected pathologies and abnormality detection with increased accuracy and efficiency for findings such as herniated discs and spinal stenosis. The solution offers a non-invasive and safe way of analyzing spinal conditions, which can lead to earlier intervention and improved patient outcomes, according to TeraRecon officials.

CoLumbo reduces the reading and reporting time for radiologists by up to 48%, facilitating an increase in the number of patients examined while improving the accuracy of the image interpretation. Clinical trials have concluded CoLumbo can reduce errors of omission by up to 15%.

The partnership between TeraRecon and CoLumbo is a milestone in advancing spinal diagnostics to clinicians throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia, company officials say. “With a global installed base of approximately 1,900 health sites, TeraRecon represents a significant and immediate distribution opportunity for the unique analysis capabilities of CoLumbo,” says Nikolay Todorov, CCO and co-founder, CoLumbo. 

“We are thrilled to be a part of the TeraRecon AI partner ecosystem and to offer our solution both on the Eureka Clinical AI platform and to all healthcare providers needing these services in the streamlined and best-in-breed ecosystem that TeraRecon offers,” Todorov adds.

TeraRecon President Dan McSweeney also spoke out about the partnership, commenting: “I am thrilled to announce our groundbreaking partnership with CoLumbo, uniting our strengths and expertise in healthcare imaging with the power of the Eureka AI Platform. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions, and we are excited to embark on this transformative journey, unlocking new frontiers in patient care and outcomes.”

Finally, Eureka Clinical AI, developed by ConcertAI’s TeraRecon, allows streamlined management of various AI interpretation solutions and integration with PACS, facilitating timely patient interventions and coordinated care delivery for multi-specialty care teams.