Fujifilm Corporation announces a joint research agreement with Indiana University School of Medicine (IU) to develop the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical imaging diagnostic support systems.

The aim of the collaboration is to combine Fujifilm’s image processing and AI solutions with the rich diagnostic and clinical expertise of IU to develop medical AI technology into a system optimized to support diagnosis workflow.

The initial scope of the research will include utilizing Fujifilm AI technology to segment and quantify muscle atrophy (sarcopenia) in body images, as well as the detection and quantification of brain lesions in neuroradiology imaging exams.

Recent advances in diagnostic imaging system capabilities, such as multi-slice CT, has led to significant increases in the number of images that need to be interpreted. Hence, a solution to efficiently read and interpret a large number of images is required.

The application of AI technology to support physicians by detecting suspicious lesions in images, comparing results with prior studies and the implementation of semi-automated reporting is expected to increase significantly the efficiency of diagnostic medical imaging in patient care.

Toward that end, Fujifilm is developing image diagnosis support systems using AI technology to support the overall diagnostic workflow of physicians. In parallel with multiple in-house development projects, Fujifilm is also proactively partnering with leading AI technology vendors to increase the disease coverage of its systems.

Fujifilm is actively developing AI technology to support diagnostic imaging, medical workflow, and equipment warranty and service under its “REiLI” brand.