dollarsigns_suitZONARE recently installed a major upgrade for 50 percent of its ZS3 ultrasound system customer base in North America. The 7.0 level upgrade consists of significant software and hardware enhancements and is covered under the five-year, state-of-the-art guarantee for ZS3 owners.

“I am seeing things so much clearer and in more detail,” said customer David Williams, ARDMS, president of Thunder Bay Diagnostics, Ontario, Canada. “I saw ACLs today with no problem on a fairly large gentleman’s knees along with meniscal tears, calcifications in the meniscus and a tear in the radial head annular ligament. Amazing.”

The new upgrade includes numerous enhancements in imaging such as B-mode, color Doppler, transducer, and archive review. Several workflow and clinical advances are also available with the upgrade. These enhancements are enabled through ZONARE’s ZONE sonography technology (ZST), the company’s approach to echo data acquisition and image formation. Using a small number of large “zones,” ZST acquires ultrasound data faster than conventional ultrasound and extracts more information on each transmit receive cycle.

“We decided to absorb the cost burden and provide this hardware and software upgrade, with a value of $25,000, without cost to our customers,” said Glen McLaughlin, PhD, president of ZONARE. “We believe providing this upgrade at no cost is proof to our customers that we stand behind our products and that we invest in keeping our customers at the cutting-edge of imaging technology.”