By Dara O’Brien

image_2014-3_Xario_200_UL-2The Xario 200, Toshiba’s new entry to the mid-range ultrasound market, promises superb image quality in an affordable, compact mobile system. Introduced at the Spring 2014 American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) annual meeting, the Xario 200 weighs just 165 pounds, and includes a 19-inch monitor that moves in all directions, so clinicians can visualize images in more detail from any angle.

“There’s a strong need in the healthcare environment to go bedside,” explained Maher Elhihi, Toshiba Ultrasound’s senior manager of market development. “The Xario 200 is a compact system that utilizes the same technology available in high-end units, and that makes it a win/win.” It is available with Toshiba’s most advanced imaging technologies, including Precision Imaging, Differential Tissue Harmonics (D-THI), and Advanced Dynamic Flow (ADF).

Elhihi reported positive industry response, with some units already in the field and operational. “Provider feedback has been tremendous in terms of the image quality,” he said. The system can perform in a wide range of clinical settings, from general imaging, including abdominal, cardiac, and small parts, to women’s imaging, interventional radiology, and shared service departments.

This new technology offers many ergonomic advances. “It’s very lightweight,” said Elhihi. “It weighs about half of what our premium systems weigh, so it’s sleek and mobile.”  The transducer connector has a new slim design for better handling and improved workflow efficiency, with a simpler locking mechanism.

The Xario 200 utilizes the iStyle Productivity Suite, Toshiba’s ergonomic umbrella, which employs a customizable user interface for both console and touch screen. “If users are used to a certain workflow, iStyle can mimic it,” said Elhihi. “It reduces the learning curve by adapting the system to the user’s environment.” The system also features Quick Start presets, which offer one-button optimization for image quality and color, and can be programmed for one or multiple users.

The technology is targeted to mid-range, smaller community hospitals and the office segment. The system’s affordable price is a powerful benefit. “The Xario 200 gives providers high image quality with the performance of a compact system, at a price they can afford,” said Elhihi.

This new portable system will include Toshiba’s RELIANCE protection, which provides software upgrades without the need for a service contract, and is also offered on the company’s premium Aplio models. Under this program, the Xario 200 will provide one upgrade per year for 2 years at no cost.

The Xario 200 introduces a versatile, portable option that delivers high quality at a competitive price. “In the marketplace, there’s typically the perception that bigger is better. The bigger the machine, the better the image quality, the more advanced features it has,” said Elhihi. “What we’ve done here is diffused that. We take the worry out of high-quality patient care, in a very compact ultrasound system.”