The SonoAce X8 midsize multimodality ultrasound unit, new from Medison America Inc, Cypress, Calif, adapts to meet a variety of imaging needs?abdominal, small parts, OB/GYN, vascular, and cardiac examinations. Using a wide variety of premium functions, SonoAce X8 provides maximum patient throughput by optimizing a sonographic workflow.

Ergonomic design provides the user with optimal use of space and ease of movement. An articulated monitor arm further enhances the compact footprint of the SonoAce X8, along with a rotating control panel, front and rear handles, internal cables, and four-wheel swivel for smooth movement.

The system generates ICAEL-compliant structured reports and streamlines the echo workflow process?from patient scheduling to assignment of responsible health care personnel to logical template-guided entry of echo information with easy-to-access clinical normal values and severity scales; it also automatically generates interpretive diagnostic statements and billing information.

The Spec Sheet

  1. High-resolution 17″ LCD monitor
  2. Speckle reduction filter (Dynamic MR)
  3. Full spectrum imaging
  4. Dynamic MR
  5. High-sensitivity Doppler
  6. Built-in DVD RW/DICOM SR
  7. Six USB ports/USB 2.0

The Visible Difference

The SONOACE X8 is fully scalable, making it ideal for small-volume clinics and large health care institutions alike. The system’s intuitive interfaces make navigation simple throughout the scanning process. The sophisticated platform also allows for in-depth post-processing and measurements of stored images.