August 9, 2007—Under the terms of a new agreement between eHealth Global Technologies Inc (eHG), Rochester, NY, and Portable Information Management Systems Inc (PIMS), Ventura, Calif, PIMS will provide eHG’s eRetriever service to customers who purchase its MedicKey digital information chip; in return, eHG will promote MedicKey with its clinical institution customers.

eRetriever allows eHG to assist MedicKey customers with the retrieval of their medical records; eHG will then populate their personal data, including scanned-in documents and medical images, on their MedicKey device.

"eHG is excited to work with PIMS and the unique MedicKey product," said Ken Rosenfeld, president of eHG. "We hope to make it even easier for patients to take advantage of this technology by helping them with the time-consuming and frustrating process of collecting their existing medical records. The end result for health care providers is more valuable information about that patient so they can make the most informed and confident decision regarding patient care."

—Cat Vasko