Alpinion Medical Systems Co. Ltd. has launched the X-Cube i9, a portable ultrasound device with dual batteries and probe connectors. It sets up in just one minute and offers extended portability, providing up to 100 hours of standby mode and more than one hour of scan mode operation.

Moreover, the device’s lightweight design (less than 6 kg) and specialized carrying options increase its practicality, accommodating various situations, including limited patient mobility or thorough scanning needs. Additionally, it includes the X+ Architecture from advanced models, providing improved image quality and higher frame rates. The integration of the X+ Crystal Signature transducer, an advancement of Single Crystal technology, has enhanced diagnostic accuracy in areas like musculoskeletal assessments, anesthesiology, intensive care, and sports medicine.

Among its features, the product includes the X+ MicroView for microvascular diagnosis and the CUBE Strain for heart function analysis. The Needle Vision Plus functionality provides real-time visibility of injection needle placement, enhancing accuracy during procedures like ultrasound-guided anesthesia and nerve blocks. Post-processing support for diagnosis efficiency is also available.

The X-CUBE i9 is designed for durability, featuring an advanced transducer design. Also, the use of a mold design instead of rubber components reduces the risk of needle damage and simplifies disinfection. Finally, the absence of fine gaps lowers the risk of cross-infection.

Alpinion’s CEO Hyun-jong Park further endorsed the product, commenting: “Anticipation for the X-CUBE i9 has been remarkable, driven by the positive feedback on its image performance. We anticipate its widespread application across various medical fields following its launch.”