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Breast care product family

Instrumentarium Imaging (Milwaukee) has introduced its breast care product family containing the Diamond and Performa models. Diamond is the new platform for digital imaging applications, including 3D imaging, while Performa is a new high-performance, high-throughput unit. Diamond can assist in biopsy procedures and difficult patient positioning problems, with its ParkBack function that allows the user to drive the tube back from above the image receptor, creating a truly open workspace and giving free access to the breast. For more information, contact Instrumentarium at 800-558-6120 ext. 160, or visit its Web site at http://usa.instrumentarium.com.

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3D ultrasound upgrade

Integrated Equipment Solutions (Omaha, Neb.) has begun distribution of BabyFace, a 3D ultrasound upgrade accessory. The plug-and-play unit, generally mounted in the peripheral device bay of an ultrasound system, transforms a standard 2D ultrasound system into a 3D imaging system. Scanning procedures and diagnostic routines are not interrupted during the imaging process, as the position-tracking device does not rely on any external components such as magnetic fields. The system includes a transducer with an integrated motion-tracking sensor and a compact electronic box with a miniature computer. It connects easily to conventional ultrasound units and users can switch modes with the touch of a button. For more information, contact Integrated Equipment Solutions at 888-842-8823, or visit its Web site at www.iesworld.com.


Medical grade digital lcd monitor

U.S. Electronics, Inc. (Minneapolis, Minn.) has released its new LCD monitor, the Model CDL1521A digital 15.1-inch active matrix. The display maximum resolution is 1024-by-768 with a viewing angle of 160 degrees. The unit comes with universal VESA mounting for wall mount and other robotic fixtures. It also is available with various touch panels integrated with USEI controller boards. For more information, contact U.S. Electronics at 612-591-2605, or e-mail [email protected].


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