Fujifilm Healthcare Americas is debuting its high-field open MRI system, the Velocity MRI system, at the 2021 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference, which is currently taking place in Chicago.

The Velocity MRI system is designed to streamline workflow and enhance the patient experience with its open gantry, integrated radiofrequency coils, and reconstruction technologies. The system’s Synergy Flex coil offers an open, vertical field MRI scanner, which promotes fast abdominal and orthopedic imaging.

“Velocity defines what today’s true Open MRI is about—the unique patient comfort and accommodation benefits of open-sided MRI now joined by the workflow and image quality benefits of integrated  RF coils and enhanced reconstruction technologies,” says Shawn Etheridge, director, CT and MRI marketing for Fujifilm Healthcare Americas Corp. “We now offer a scanner that can differentiate a hospital or outpatient imaging service, while delivering outstanding image quality, short exam times and operator ease-of-use benefits.”

The scanner’s open gantry is designed to create a spacious feeling for claustrophobic, bariatric, geriatric, and pediatric patients. Moreover, the Velocity’s extra-wide patient table can accommodate patients up to 660 pounds, and offers in-gantry left and right movement with multiple coil connectors for easy patient positioning. 

Featured image: Fujifilm’s Velocity MRI System at RSNA 2021(Fujifilm)